Monday, January 28, 2008

Master of Arts

I passed. I'm now Berbank Green BSc(HONS) MA... or is it the other way about?


bringmemyfix said...

Congratulations. I am not worthy.

(Can I break into your house though, then eat all your food with a stranger to whom I recount tales of how much I hate you?)

Berbank said...

Thanks. Yeah, right.

(you could if it was an original thing to do, sadly, it is not, so no, bring a friend)

Isa Tenhaeff said...


My name is Isa Tenhaeff, and I co-organize a Cultural Night in Cambridge. This is an event where artists are invited to show their talents, and culture lovers (broadest sense o/t word) are invited to come and be inspired. Would you be interested in joining in sometime?

Best, Isa.